How to Make Quick Money UK – Complete Bonus Bagging Review

How to Make Quick Money UK

If you are looking to make some additional cash online fast in the UK in 2016, then this may be just what you are looking for. Bonus Bagging is a system that was developed by Mike Cruikshank and has been running for a number of years. This product teaches others how to make cash using the internet without any large setup costs. There is also not much to learn from a technical point-of-view. It is a system that can be implemented one day, and start seeing results the next. It really is that good, so please continue reading to find out more.


How does Bonus Bagging work?

Bonus Bagging basically explores a loophole in online betting, and cashes in on the bonuses that betting companies offer to new prospects. As online bookies are falling over themselves for clients, they usually offer some kind off bonus upon joining as an incentive. This is usually by way of a free bet, which is credited after the client’s initial qualifying bet has settled.

Once you are a member of Bonus Bagging, all you need to do to start the process, is request a qualifying bet email, which will be sent to you within a couple of minutes (see an example below). These emails contain all of the details and calculations that are needed, plus links sending you directly to the bookies and betting exchange. There are two portions: the backing bet (placed with the betting company), and the lay bet (placed with the betting exchange). The lay bet effectively cancels out the backing bet, and covers all other possible outcomes for that particular event. For example, if your email tells you to back Liverpool to beat Everton in the Merseyside Derby, the lay bet will cover the eventuality that the match is a draw, or that the mighty Everton win! This is not gambling as all outcomes are covered. This is also a major difference between this product and other betting systems out there.

Once the event has taken place and your qualifying bet has been settled, you just repeat the process, this time utilizing the free bet. Once this bet has settled, you will be in profit, to the tune of the free bet minus the betting exchange commission. In the email below, the profit was £23.75 from a £25.00 free bet. Not bad for a few minutes work.

If you are new to all of the above, once you have run through the process once or twice, it is literally a case of rinse-and-repeat. Bonus Bagging contains training videos, which explain things easily. My 70-year-old dad is also a member of Bonus Bagging, and has no issues getting around it.

If you are not into sports, it really does not matter, as the outcomes for the events are irrelevant.  This must just be seen as a genuine system that makes money.

Join Bonus Bagging here.

Bonus Bagging Review How to make quick money uk

Is Bonus Bagging a Scam?

Nope, definitely not. I have been making money online for about 3 years, and have come across many charlatans out there. Fortunately, Mike is not one of them. He even answers emails personally, and has over 7000 happy members. There is also a money back guarantee too, so there really is no risk if you decide that it is not for you.

What do you need to get started?

A stable internet connection and computer, plus, in order to open betting accounts, a proof of address, proof of ID, and a credit or debit card with a few hundred pounds on it.

Are there any downsides or risks?

Unfortunately, this is only open to people that reside in the UK or Republic of Ireland.

This system is totally risk free as long as the instructions on the email are completed.

How Quickly can I start to make Money?

Pretty much straight away. You should bank your first profits 48 hours after learning the system.

Make Money Online Fast UK 2016


How much money can I make?

It is dependent on your betting resources, and on how much of your profits you withdraw as you go along. Bonus Bagging allows you to place three bets per 24 hour period. I personally never placed more than 1-a-day. This usually resulted in anywhere from £10 to £88 of profit per day. I regularly made between £300 to £600 per month using this system, which is the absolute minimum that you should expect. Others have made far more. There are people in Mike’s Facebook group, who make a full-time income from using his products exclusively.


If you are looking to make money online quickly and easily, then this is for you. It literally, only takes a few minutes a day to make this additional income, and you can start immediately. Plus, dealing with Mike in his understated way, is an absolute pleasure. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Join by clicking here.

Additional Bonus

If you join Bonus Bagging through my affiliate link below, I will send you my own Niche Marketing Course valued at  $100. In order to claim this, send me your order number through the contact form below, and I will get the bonus off to you as quickly as possible. I endeavor to respond within 24 hours.

Join Bonus Bagging here.

Thanks so much for your time and interest.

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